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Kristafari (Kris Carpenter)

Percussion, Vocals


Kristafari (born in Los Angeles, California as Kris Carpenter on Dec 14th, 1966) was given his stage name by the late-great Urban Dread percussionist 'Ras Cimaroon' during the early days of the band. The name has stuck for the last 20 years while he’s been honing his craft of urban reggae music and rock style percussion.

Urban Reggae Music Artist Kristafari

Kris and Urban Dread founder Jason Bourne first met in 1978 at their 7th grade orchestra class. They quickly became friends and spent many years rehearsing and performing a variety of music genres in different bands. When Jason formed the Urban Dread in 1988 Kris was invited to join the reggae band playing percussion. Kris has always had a love of reggae music and has helped the Urban Dread reggae band achieve its goal of reaching all ages and races with a positive blend of urban music with reggae music and other musical styles.


A memeber of several bands, Kris is also experienced in the building of recording/rehearsal studios and Websites. He has several musical side-projects going at all times. A house and family has kept Kristafari grounded while pursuing his life of positive musical interests. He lives every day to the beat of his own drum and lives to show proof of his love of percussion, family, color, and rhythm.


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