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Jason Bourne on keyboards playing Reggae Music

Jason Bourne

Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals


Jason Bourne is a fourth generation musician from a family whose American roots date to 1708. Following in his family’s footsteps, Jason started piano lessons at the age of six and saxophone lessons at twelve.


Reggae music found its way into the Bourne family when Rastafarian Allesandro Macone spent several months with them while involved with a restoration project. Allesandro’s positive vibrations and love of reggae music inspired the founding of the Bourne family reggae band, Kindread.


After attending several reggae music festivals and concerts in the park, Jason realized that the feel of the positive reggae music and the uplifting message of its lyrics resonated to all types of people, regardless of age or race. Thus he was inspired to form the Urban Dread reggae band with a vision to make all people feel good through the sharing of powerful, positive, family-style reggae music.


Over twenty years later, Urban Dread continues to inspire with its mix of Jason’s original reggae songs, classic reggae music and infectious fresh versions of pop and urban dancehall style hits. Jason Bourne's music is perhaps best described as a positive roots rock reggae mix sprinkled liberally with bits of dancehall, funk, ska, soul and a dash of hip-hop.


Jason is currently recording with the legendary Santa Davis. He has also been seen recently playing saxophone with Roots Master Ras Michael and Santa Davis in The Collectibles ska band.


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